God’s Timing is Perfect 

Yes, perfect! Last week was a little rough for me. Everything just seemed to be going against me and nothing working out in my favor so I was pretty upset. 

One night as I was laying in bed before falling asleep, I started rambling on asking God why does it feel like my life is a mess? I mocked the phrase “God’s timing is perfect” stating that it felt like it was never the right time for anything to work out in my life. 

I’m pretty sure I rambled on about that very phrase for way too long but at that moment in time, it’s how I felt. Because I just so happen to be one of those adults who hasn’t completely gotten their shit together, sometimes I feel, lost. I was angry because it seemed like nothing was going right last week. It wasn’t just a bad day, it was an entire bad week. 

I ended my prayer, or lack there of, on a bit of a bitter note. Mocked that phrase one more time and eventually fell asleep. Even though I am fully aware that things are meant to happen when God wants them to, I was so upset I couldn’t control my anger and pretty much lashed out through my prayer, or rambling actually. I say prayer because even though it didn’t feel like one, it was answered as one. 

The next day I woke up and got ready for work as usual. I wasn’t running late but for some reason felt the need for speed. As I got on the highway, I took off. The car in front of me was speeding too so of course I had to keep up with them. As I’m driving, I see a strange outline but thought nothing of it. I didn’t have my glasses on like I should while driving so I couldn’t see a clear picture of what it was, that is until I was 10ft away from it. 

It was a state trooper. I was going 80 and thought to myself I am so screwed. I slammed on my brakes as I saw the trooper take off from his hiding spot. Much to my surprise, he started following the car in front of me who was also speeding and pulled them over. I sat for a moment speechless in my car when I realized what just happened. At that very moment in time, yes, God’s timing was perfect. 

That was his way of gently reminding me to calm the fuck down and stop stressing over things in my life because I have a timeline that God already has planned for me, and therefore I should let it play out. That is, let it play out the way he wants it to. 

I can almost certainly guarantee you that I will have another moment where I mock that phrase again. Not on purpose, but because I’m human. I don’t always understand God’s ways and there’s going to be times when it might not make any sense to me, but it’s happening for a reason. Patience is key. 


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