About Sofia



Hey world! My name is Sofia Mitchell. I started this blog as a way for others to relate to my everyday experiences and to know that they are not alone when they experience good times, bad times and yes even ugly times. Believe me, I am not your average adult, but I can totally relate to what you may be going through at some point or another. I also want to share my knowledge and awareness on these everyday topics from a professional point of view that I feel at times need to be spoken about.

My goal is to become a health educator. I would like to incorporate everything that I have learned along the way and create a non-profit organization that focuses on health education with all other divisions that make up public health. My main interest is sex education. I feel that young adults, especially college students, need a little more education on the subject and I would like to be able to spread awareness to anyone who I may come across in my journey.

My educational background: I graduated from SUNY Old Westbury with a bachelors in Public Health. I am currently taking classes for my masters in Public Health. My college experience was a journey and now life after college is a whole other journey in itself.

I enjoy music; singing and dancing. I would like to make a positive difference in this world and change lives any way I can. This is who I am, and the journey to who I will become. I want to be able to share my growth with the people that I am close to, as well as those I am able to connect with through the internet and social media. I hope you will join me on this wonderful and crazy journey called life! And please feel free to voice your thoughts, comments and concerns on topics and stories that I will be sharing.

– Sofia


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