Father’s Day, NOT Single Mother’s Day 

I am probably going to get a lot of shit for this one, but I really don’t care. Today is Father’s Day, NOT single Mother’s Day. That means today is the day we appreciate fathers as the title of the holiday implies, or so I thought.

It really upsets me to see bitter single mothers try and claim Father’s Day as their own day too. Rude awakening: you are not a father! If you are a single mother, you just take on a little more responsibility as a MOTHER. And you had your day on Mother’s Day so why do you feel the need to claim Father’s Day too and take away from the real meaning of the day?

“But I had to be a mother and a father to my child”. Let’s be real, you cannot play both roles. You can only be a really good mother or a really good father. There are things that you can only teach as a mother and only teach as a father. Can you teach your child things from a man’s perspective? No you can’t only a man can do that. Just like there are certain things that only a woman can teach her children.

In my honest opinion, mothers who try and claim Father’s Day as their own are bitter women who won’t admit that they made a mistake with the man they chose to sleep with and had his child. So they want recognition for having to raise the child on their own as a single parent. Well, I’m truly sorry that the father of your child did not want to stick around after he got you pregnant, but you trying to claim what is not yours takes away from the fathers who are doing their jobs.

While no human is perfect, you have to give credit to the men who are trying. Maybe those men didn’t have a father of their own and therefore are trying to be the best father they can be to their child. Or maybe they did have a father but were determined to be a better father if theirs wasn’t able to give them much growing up.

So with that being said, again in my personal opinion, by single mothers trying to claim Father’s Day and expect their child to honor that, what kind of message are you sending to your child? First, it may inspire them to be a better man if their father wasn’t present which I would hope happens but it isn’t always guaranteed. Second, it could send the message that it’s ok to get a woman knocked up and not be around for the kid because they can handle being single mothers which is a terrible message!

Children need both figures, mother and father, in their lives. Single fathers don’t try and claim Mother’s Day as their own, they can’t play that role. Just like single mothers cannot play the role of a father, you just can’t! You are either a really good mother, or a really good father. Stop trying to take away from the real fathers. Men don’t get enough credit as it is so let them have their day!

I’m sure this post will feel like an insult to a lot of single mothers but here’s what I say to that: as a woman, you should’ve been a little smarter about who you were having sex with knowing you were at risk to become pregnant. While it may be his fault for not using protection, it is surely your fault for allowing him to have sex with you unprotected.

I truly feel that because men don’t get enough credit for the good things they do, they think why bother if no one is going to acknowledge it. Start giving credit where credit is due. So on that note, I am going to go wish my father a happy Father’s Day!


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