One year after graduation πŸŽ“

Today marks the one year anniversary of me graduating college. It will forever be a day that I will always remember because it was a day that I always dreamed about. 

Exactly one year later where am I? Well, I’m employed (paid internship), I’m in grad school furthering my education, and I’m not in jail so I guess I’m doing pretty damn good! While I am doing better than I was a year ago, I’m still nowhere near where I want to be, BUT I’m definitely on the right path.

I am now 26 and hoped to be established with a career, owning a home, starting a family and living the adult dream. Well as life would have it out for me, I couldn’t find a job right after I graduated and continued to work retail in the mall (and still do on occasion).

I came across a great program called AmeriCorps which is like a paid internship and I get the experience needed to find a “real” job. I work for the hospital as a financial counselor and I am certified to enroll people in health insurance through the marketplace. I am more than halfway through my term as of right now and I am still learning many things as I go about each day on the job.

Because the field of work that I am interested in, health education, many professions require you to hold a masters degree to be considered for employment. So with that being said, I had to look into grad school. While I personally never wanted to continue with my education, the more frustrated I got because I couldn’t find a job, the more I began to realize that a masters degree was going to be an essential part of my resume. 

I took the first semester off (bad decision). I started classes this past January and have now officially completed my first semester of grad school! 

This is the highest GPA I have ever had in my life! While I am very smart, I am also very lazy and that can sometimes affect my scores on assignments and tests. BUT I know what to do different for next semester and will aim for a higher GPA. 

As for the rest of my adult dreams, well, I’m not established yet so no I don’t own a home or have the newest car or have little babies running around (no rush). We all have different journeys in life and while some may think that I’m very far behind in “starting my life” everybody encounters different obstacles. While I do agree that if I would have focused a little more in my younger years maybe I could have been set, but that doesn’t change the things that are out of my control like job availability. 

I’m on the right path and honestly that’s all that matters at this point. I’m a little wiser now and understand that once I’m able to start my career everything else is going to fall into place no matter how long that takes. So while many people are already living the dream, I’m still working towards it. 

One year has passed since I reached a very important milestone in my life. I’m not where I want to be but thank god I am not worse off! So my advice to you, it takes time! If you are on the right path you are doing good! As a few people have told me, life is a journey not a competition. Enjoy the journey! 

Sofia πŸ’œ


Selfies; cocky or confident?Β 

So today, I had an “oh dear god” moment when I looked at my blog page for the first time on a desktop in months. When my page went through major transformation a couple months ago, I used my laptop to make all the changes. All of my posts however, have been posted via iPhone. 

When I wrote a new post after months of being inactive, I wanted to put a picture of myself along with the post just so my readers know what I look like, and continue to look like! Well, it seemed to look fine when I posted it from my phone, but when I opened my blog on a desktop to see what others see, well, oh shit! 

I swear my selfie took up half the page when I opened it! The first thing I thought was “oh god, now everyone is going to think I’m a narcissistic conceited bitch hahaha. Oh man…… But that was not my intention at all! I mean lets be real, we are all supposed to love ourselves right? Maybe not a full page selfie but hey, you live and learn. But then a part of me thinks, who cares if it took up half the page! That’s me! I like taking pictures just like everybody else. And now the world gets to see exactly what I look like, clogged pores up close and all! 

I feel like I should mention that I’m far from conceited; I am human with insecurities but I try not to carry myself like I am hot shit because, well, I’m not. I like to think that we are all equal and each have something unique to bring to the table. 

If I had to describe myself; goofy because life is too short to act like you have a stick up your ass all the time, perverted because why wouldn’t you be in a world full of people who get offended by everything, vocabulary that is fucking atrocious because shit why should I have to hold back how I truly got damn fucking feel, but most importantly, I do have good intentions in my heart. Life is about balance and quite frankly I’d like to think that I have a good balance of kind heart and explicit language. 

With that being said, I know when it’s NOT appropriate to swear up a storm, be goofy and perverted. But for the times when it is, that’s who I am. And on a positive note, cheers to the fucking weekend!

-Sofia πŸ’œ


Hey everyone! I’m still alive, just been very busy the past few months. I don’t even know where to start! I just wanted to give you all a quick little update on what’s going on with me right now and as time goes on I will hopefully get into a routine of writing more.

Feeling the need to change things up, including starting spring cleaning early this year, I decided to give my blog a makeover. I thought it would be a great way to freshen up the look while starting to get back into the swing of writing again. 

I did end up going back to school last month January, I am now working on my masters in public health. I’m taking classes full time as well as full time work so I’ve been trying to balance everything out and stay sane! 

Although we’ve had a very mild winter this year, the winter months affect my mood (I can’t be the only one) making me very unmotivated to do anything, contributing to my being MIA for so long as well. Winter bums me out! I used to love the changing of seasons but now I’m convinced that I could live on a beach for the rest of my life and not look back. Caribbean anyone?

I’m also working on a few personal projects as well, I will give you guys more insight on that as they progress. I have a lot of things that I wanna get started on and carry out but one step at a time or else I am guaranteed to trip and fall. 

Be patient with me if you are following my journey! I’m working on greatness here. Nothing comes overnight. You truly do need to work for what you want, but in the end it’s worth it! 

– Sofia πŸ’œ

I don’t want to grow up

My thoughts exactly after my orientation this morning. I felt an overwhelming sea of emotions come over me as I got in my car and drove home. “So this is what adulthood feels like” I kept saying to myself the entire way back. I knew it was responsibility but I never knew to what extent. I was determined to try something new and now I need to make the most out of the opportunity given to me.

Working a full time position is nothing new to me, I’ve done it before in other jobs, but this is nothing compared to serving coffee or selling clothes. What my position consists of is so important for the people that I will be coming across that I need to focus all of my energy on this now. I’m not going to lie, it’s gonna be a drastic transition from my little world of retail as a sales associate to a financial counselor through the hospital that I can’t say I’m not scared, however I’m so excited to see how this position is going to mold me and what kind of person it is going to make me. 

Now that I will have some structure in my schedule I’m hoping to get more out of being an adult and trying to figure things out in my life on my own. Having a set schedule will now allow me to manage my time better. I’m hoping to have set times for working out as well as more set times for when I will be having my meals. Having a set schedule I feel is going to help me stay a little more organized and on top of things. 

With that being said, I need to work on being a morning person! I’ve been working in retail for the last 3 years and believe me when I say I hated opening shifts. Even though working in the morning allowed you to have the rest of the day free to do whatever you wished, it was always a hassle waking up for work so I’m very interested to see how this new job is going to change my attitude about mornings. I’m probably still gonna hate waking up early but this isn’t retail where if you’re running late it’s sometimes excusable because the stores don’t open till 10. So I’m definitely gonna have to start hauling ass in the morning to make sure I get to work on time! 

But aside from all those annoying little things, this job is the first step in my career path. It’s going to expose me to the real world and how to deal living in it and how to try and make it better. I’m hoping I will have the power to change a persons life when I meet new patients each day at work. As a public health major, we want to better our population and we do that with the specialties we each bring to the table whether it’s health safety, health education, wellness and prevention, food safety, and many many more. 

So cheers to a new beginning and to becoming an adult, finally. 

– Sofia πŸ’œ

25 and life still up in the air

I want to especially write this one for all the people who think we should have our life together in our 20’s and don’t, and for those who tell us if we don’t we are wrong when we are not.

There is no right or wrong, or law that states by age whatever, this or that needs to be done. All it is is society’s perspective on how and in what order things should be done and quite frankly, nothing rarely ever goes as planned no matter how much you try because that’s life, shit happens. But that’s ok!

I’m 25 and guess what? My life is not the perfect fairy tale that I hoped it to be by this age. I see many people around me who are my age who have graduated college, have wonderful careers, have settled down gotten married and have kids living on their own in beautiful homes, driving fancy cars and life just seems perfect for them. I’m a college grad without a career, not married, don’t have kids, don’t own a home, don’t drive the fanciest car, life isn’t perfect but I have everything I need.

Sometimes I will look at my life and ask what did I do wrong, or what did I not do, for my life to not be in place like it is for everybody else? And that’s when you have to stop yourself, snap back to reality and realize that life is not a damn competition. Everybody is going about life at their own pace, some faster than others, some with more help than others, whatever it may be. But it’s not a competition and sadly, we make it one.

As humans, we see the outside picture not knowing what is truly going on behind it. Opportunities may become available for some people at a certain point in life when it’s convenient for them, but for some it happens when it’s not convenient. Everything happens for a reason, and God has a plan for me. But even then I still ask myself if I didn’t do enough since I’m not where I want to be at the age of 25 while the person I know from high school has their entire life planned for them already and are more successful at the same age than I am.

It’s only normal that as a human with emotions and feelings we question our judgements and actions all because society says that by certain ages we should have accomplished this many things and if we haven’t we are unsuccessful.

As a person who graduated college at the age of 25 I get ridiculed by so many people because of how late I finished undergrad. I struggled during my years of college because I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. My college journey is a whole other story that I will go into more detail about in another post. I switched my major a few times but I eventually found one that I thought was best suited for me. I now have my bachelors degree in public health, and while I still need a masters to go further in my career path, I still get hounded by individuals who tell me “well when do you plan on going to grad school when do you plan on finishing school for good? Well if you would ever finish school maybe you could settle down in life.”

As much as those statements hurt, they are not the ones doing my school work, or attending class, staying up late finishing papers. I worked hard to get my degree. I waited so long for that moment to be able to walk across the stage that nobody should be able to take that happiness away from me. Or you!

But not finishing school in a “timely manner” was the least of my worries. I graduated college and moved back home and started looking for a job and I could not find one. Eventually I was offered a paid internship which I thought at this point is better than nothing and that’s my new position that I will be starting in a couple weeks. I hear of many people who graduate college and with only bachelors are able to find these great high paying jobs but it didn’t work out that way for me.

I’m hoping to apply to grad school within the next year and finish school but at this point my life is not a perfect little box wrapped in a bow. But that’s ok! And you know why it’s ok? Because I’m still trying to be somebody. My steps may not be as big as somebody else’s but I’m still taking steps in the right direction! So please don’t let anybody tell you that you are moving too slow or too fast in life for that matter. Your life should be gone about at the pace you feel comfortable with because after all, it is your life!

I’m 25 and my life is not what society thinks it should be, and that’s ok. Because society does not define who I am, I define who I am, society interprets it how they want. But I’m 25 and taking steps in the right direction. Life is not a competition, it’s a journey. Enjoy it without society telling you how to live it.
– sofia πŸ’œ

White butterflies and great news

My mother always told me that every time a white butterfly crosses your path it means that good news is on the way. 

Wednesday of last week I was waiting on a very important phone call from a potential job. This was one of 2 places that had called me back after submitting my resume and application so I was pretty excited to have had an interview with them and I was waiting for a response from them. The lady who conducted my interview told me she would call me back Wednesday. 

Needless to say my phone never left my side all of Wednesday. It was already 2pm and I was starting to get really anxious. I was starting to wonder if she was even going to call me at all.

I took my dog out around this time and as I was lost in my own thoughts, I saw a white butterfly. But as it got closer and passed right in front of me I said to myself that’s a huge butterfly! I was shocked because I had never seen such a big white butterfly before. And then I thought, could this mean that BIG good news is on the way?! 

I went back inside and within the hour I received a phone call. It wasn’t the phone call I was expecting, but it was from the other employer that I had submitted my resume to asking me if I could set up an interview. I said yes and they told me to come in Monday. At this moment I tried to be smart and not “put all my eggs in one basket” because it just wouldn’t be right. And that phone call I was waiting on? I never received it so I’m glad I set up this interview somewhere else. 

Monday came and I went to my interview. I left almost an hour and a half later feeling ok about it. There was only one position open for this place unlike 5 for the other so I thought to myself if somebody else or multiple people have interviewed for this same position I’m kinda screwed. They told me they would call me to let me know. 

3 hours later I received a phone call that they loved me during the interview process earlier that morning, and they would like to offer me the position! I thought to myself how blessed am I right now that I got this position and not somebody else! I thought back to when I saw that big white butterfly the day I was waiting for a phone call. I never received that phone call that I was waiting on, but I unexpectedly received one even better because they offered me the job the same day I had an interview. 

Everything happens for a reason and with patience and faith things will fall into place. Within the next few weeks I’ll be starting my new position which will hopefully give me some experience in my field of public health and can lead to many great opportunities down the road. 

Could it be coincidence, the white butterfly? I think not. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and there is no such thing as coincidences. 


The beauty of Saturday morning

Hello world and happy Saturday! It may be a gloomy day but that doesn’t mean that it’s not still a beautiful one. The simplicity of a Saturday morning is so relaxing. It gives me the chance to take a minute and just appreciate everything around me. It also gives me the chance to think about a lot of things. 

Many times we all deal with things that we wish we didn’t have to. It aggravates us and causes us such stress and anxiety. We might ask ourselves “why me?” or “why is this happening now?” I wouldn’t exactly call myself religious because there are many aspects of being catholic that I haven’t taken the time to learn about and follow, but I do have a very strong faith in God. Although I may not understand why things happen at the time they do, I do know that everything happens for a reason.

So at times like these when we just want to rip our hair out over whatever is causing us pain and anger, we have to just take a moment and think about everything. I know it’s hard to understand when you think about it, but we really do have to accept the things that we have absolutely no control over. I struggle with this idea all the time. It frustrates me to the max when I wish things could be different, but if it’s something that I have no control over its not worth wasting the energy being upset over it because I can’t change it. 

It’s ok to have a moment of anger when you’re so mad it brings you to the verge of tears. Let that anger go. Scream at the top of your lungs and let your frustration out. It’s ok to be mad. Once you finally let your anger out it makes it so much easier to be at peace with yourself. There is nothing more relaxing than being at peace with yourself. Kind of like the joy you feel on a Saturday morning after a long week at work or a long week of school a long week of whatever you may have dealt with the past week. Let the anger go, let the worries go. I promise you that life is better when you don’t care about the irrelevant things that you have no control over.