Pushing your product in times of need

I recently saw a post on Instagram that really made me sick to my stomach. This isn’t to bash the company itself because I’m sure they don’t promote that kind of selling behavior, but I was not pleased with the individual who posted this.

There are many people in today’s day that are self employed. There is nothing wrong with that; however, there are times when you really need to sit back and ask yourself “is this an appropriate time to try and push my product to people?”. 

As I was scrolling through my news feed I saw an It Works distributor post a picture that read something along the lines of “in times of flood disasters, your meal plan went right out the window so why not use this as an opportunity to start fresh with our products while rebuilding your home from the flood damage”. 

First of all, in times of natural disaster, what in the hell makes you think people are thinking about how to diet properly?? Let’s be serious! If your home got hit by a flood the only thing running through your mind is what are the next steps to ensure safety of your family, not what product you’re gonna use to lose a couple pounds. 

Second, what makes you think people are thinking about buying diet products while rebuilding their damaged homes?? I’m pretty sure their focus is on buying materials needed to clean and repair their homes, not buying products to make them lose weight. 

I was utterly disgusted at this post; normally I would’ve said something but I just unfollowed the individual. As a distributor you should be asking yourself if that was an appropriate time to try and sell your products. I don’t think it was. Instead, why not help the victims by sending them toiletries or other things that they may be in need of? Not try and sell them your products.

I really can’t believe that we live in a world where all people care about is money! Again, this is not to bash the company, I’m sure not all distributors are like this, but as a company, you shouldn’t allow this kind of selling behavior from your people. 

And for the rest of the distributors out there, please don’t ever allow yourself to be this selfish in times of natural disasters. It’s really heartbreaking to see that kind of behavior where all people care about is pushing their product even in times of need when people aren’t even thinking about their diets! 

For the sake of humanity, let’s all learn to come together in times of need and not be selfish. We are all human, I think it’s time to start taking care of one another. 💜


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