One year after graduation ๐ŸŽ“

Today marks the one year anniversary of me graduating college. It will forever be a day that I will always remember because it was a day that I always dreamed about. 

Exactly one year later where am I? Well, I’m employed (paid internship), I’m in grad school furthering my education, and I’m not in jail so I guess I’m doing pretty damn good! While I am doing better than I was a year ago, I’m still nowhere near where I want to be, BUT I’m definitely on the right path.

I am now 26 and hoped to be established with a career, owning a home, starting a family and living the adult dream. Well as life would have it out for me, I couldn’t find a job right after I graduated and continued to work retail in the mall (and still do on occasion).

I came across a great program called AmeriCorps which is like a paid internship and I get the experience needed to find a “real” job. I work for the hospital as a financial counselor and I am certified to enroll people in health insurance through the marketplace. I am more than halfway through my term as of right now and I am still learning many things as I go about each day on the job.

Because the field of work that I am interested in, health education, many professions require you to hold a masters degree to be considered for employment. So with that being said, I had to look into grad school. While I personally never wanted to continue with my education, the more frustrated I got because I couldn’t find a job, the more I began to realize that a masters degree was going to be an essential part of my resume. 

I took the first semester off (bad decision). I started classes this past January and have now officially completed my first semester of grad school! 

This is the highest GPA I have ever had in my life! While I am very smart, I am also very lazy and that can sometimes affect my scores on assignments and tests. BUT I know what to do different for next semester and will aim for a higher GPA. 

As for the rest of my adult dreams, well, I’m not established yet so no I don’t own a home or have the newest car or have little babies running around (no rush). We all have different journeys in life and while some may think that I’m very far behind in “starting my life” everybody encounters different obstacles. While I do agree that if I would have focused a little more in my younger years maybe I could have been set, but that doesn’t change the things that are out of my control like job availability. 

I’m on the right path and honestly that’s all that matters at this point. I’m a little wiser now and understand that once I’m able to start my career everything else is going to fall into place no matter how long that takes. So while many people are already living the dream, I’m still working towards it. 

One year has passed since I reached a very important milestone in my life. I’m not where I want to be but thank god I am not worse off! So my advice to you, it takes time! If you are on the right path you are doing good! As a few people have told me, life is a journey not a competition. Enjoy the journey! 

Sofia ๐Ÿ’œ


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