Selfies; cocky or confident? 

So today, I had an “oh dear god” moment when I looked at my blog page for the first time on a desktop in months. When my page went through major transformation a couple months ago, I used my laptop to make all the changes. All of my posts however, have been posted via iPhone. 

When I wrote a new post after months of being inactive, I wanted to put a picture of myself along with the post just so my readers know what I look like, and continue to look like! Well, it seemed to look fine when I posted it from my phone, but when I opened my blog on a desktop to see what others see, well, oh shit! 

I swear my selfie took up half the page when I opened it! The first thing I thought was “oh god, now everyone is going to think I’m a narcissistic conceited bitch hahaha. Oh man…… But that was not my intention at all! I mean lets be real, we are all supposed to love ourselves right? Maybe not a full page selfie but hey, you live and learn. But then a part of me thinks, who cares if it took up half the page! That’s me! I like taking pictures just like everybody else. And now the world gets to see exactly what I look like, clogged pores up close and all! 

I feel like I should mention that I’m far from conceited; I am human with insecurities but I try not to carry myself like I am hot shit because, well, I’m not. I like to think that we are all equal and each have something unique to bring to the table. 

If I had to describe myself; goofy because life is too short to act like you have a stick up your ass all the time, perverted because why wouldn’t you be in a world full of people who get offended by everything, vocabulary that is fucking atrocious because shit why should I have to hold back how I truly got damn fucking feel, but most importantly, I do have good intentions in my heart. Life is about balance and quite frankly I’d like to think that I have a good balance of kind heart and explicit language. 

With that being said, I know when it’s NOT appropriate to swear up a storm, be goofy and perverted. But for the times when it is, that’s who I am. And on a positive note, cheers to the fucking weekend!

-Sofia 💜


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