I don’t want to grow up

My thoughts exactly after my orientation this morning. I felt an overwhelming sea of emotions come over me as I got in my car and drove home. “So this is what adulthood feels like” I kept saying to myself the entire way back. I knew it was responsibility but I never knew to what extent. I was determined to try something new and now I need to make the most out of the opportunity given to me.

Working a full time position is nothing new to me, I’ve done it before in other jobs, but this is nothing compared to serving coffee or selling clothes. What my position consists of is so important for the people that I will be coming across that I need to focus all of my energy on this now. I’m not going to lie, it’s gonna be a drastic transition from my little world of retail as a sales associate to a financial counselor through the hospital that I can’t say I’m not scared, however I’m so excited to see how this position is going to mold me and what kind of person it is going to make me. 

Now that I will have some structure in my schedule I’m hoping to get more out of being an adult and trying to figure things out in my life on my own. Having a set schedule will now allow me to manage my time better. I’m hoping to have set times for working out as well as more set times for when I will be having my meals. Having a set schedule I feel is going to help me stay a little more organized and on top of things. 

With that being said, I need to work on being a morning person! I’ve been working in retail for the last 3 years and believe me when I say I hated opening shifts. Even though working in the morning allowed you to have the rest of the day free to do whatever you wished, it was always a hassle waking up for work so I’m very interested to see how this new job is going to change my attitude about mornings. I’m probably still gonna hate waking up early but this isn’t retail where if you’re running late it’s sometimes excusable because the stores don’t open till 10. So I’m definitely gonna have to start hauling ass in the morning to make sure I get to work on time! 

But aside from all those annoying little things, this job is the first step in my career path. It’s going to expose me to the real world and how to deal living in it and how to try and make it better. I’m hoping I will have the power to change a persons life when I meet new patients each day at work. As a public health major, we want to better our population and we do that with the specialties we each bring to the table whether it’s health safety, health education, wellness and prevention, food safety, and many many more. 

So cheers to a new beginning and to becoming an adult, finally. 

– Sofia 💜


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