White butterflies and great news

My mother always told me that every time a white butterfly crosses your path it means that good news is on the way. 

Wednesday of last week I was waiting on a very important phone call from a potential job. This was one of 2 places that had called me back after submitting my resume and application so I was pretty excited to have had an interview with them and I was waiting for a response from them. The lady who conducted my interview told me she would call me back Wednesday. 

Needless to say my phone never left my side all of Wednesday. It was already 2pm and I was starting to get really anxious. I was starting to wonder if she was even going to call me at all.

I took my dog out around this time and as I was lost in my own thoughts, I saw a white butterfly. But as it got closer and passed right in front of me I said to myself that’s a huge butterfly! I was shocked because I had never seen such a big white butterfly before. And then I thought, could this mean that BIG good news is on the way?! 

I went back inside and within the hour I received a phone call. It wasn’t the phone call I was expecting, but it was from the other employer that I had submitted my resume to asking me if I could set up an interview. I said yes and they told me to come in Monday. At this moment I tried to be smart and not “put all my eggs in one basket” because it just wouldn’t be right. And that phone call I was waiting on? I never received it so I’m glad I set up this interview somewhere else. 

Monday came and I went to my interview. I left almost an hour and a half later feeling ok about it. There was only one position open for this place unlike 5 for the other so I thought to myself if somebody else or multiple people have interviewed for this same position I’m kinda screwed. They told me they would call me to let me know. 

3 hours later I received a phone call that they loved me during the interview process earlier that morning, and they would like to offer me the position! I thought to myself how blessed am I right now that I got this position and not somebody else! I thought back to when I saw that big white butterfly the day I was waiting for a phone call. I never received that phone call that I was waiting on, but I unexpectedly received one even better because they offered me the job the same day I had an interview. 

Everything happens for a reason and with patience and faith things will fall into place. Within the next few weeks I’ll be starting my new position which will hopefully give me some experience in my field of public health and can lead to many great opportunities down the road. 

Could it be coincidence, the white butterfly? I think not. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and there is no such thing as coincidences. 



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