The beauty of Saturday morning

Hello world and happy Saturday! It may be a gloomy day but that doesn’t mean that it’s not still a beautiful one. The simplicity of a Saturday morning is so relaxing. It gives me the chance to take a minute and just appreciate everything around me. It also gives me the chance to think about a lot of things. 

Many times we all deal with things that we wish we didn’t have to. It aggravates us and causes us such stress and anxiety. We might ask ourselves “why me?” or “why is this happening now?” I wouldn’t exactly call myself religious because there are many aspects of being catholic that I haven’t taken the time to learn about and follow, but I do have a very strong faith in God. Although I may not understand why things happen at the time they do, I do know that everything happens for a reason.

So at times like these when we just want to rip our hair out over whatever is causing us pain and anger, we have to just take a moment and think about everything. I know it’s hard to understand when you think about it, but we really do have to accept the things that we have absolutely no control over. I struggle with this idea all the time. It frustrates me to the max when I wish things could be different, but if it’s something that I have no control over its not worth wasting the energy being upset over it because I can’t change it. 

It’s ok to have a moment of anger when you’re so mad it brings you to the verge of tears. Let that anger go. Scream at the top of your lungs and let your frustration out. It’s ok to be mad. Once you finally let your anger out it makes it so much easier to be at peace with yourself. There is nothing more relaxing than being at peace with yourself. Kind of like the joy you feel on a Saturday morning after a long week at work or a long week of school a long week of whatever you may have dealt with the past week. Let the anger go, let the worries go. I promise you that life is better when you don’t care about the irrelevant things that you have no control over. 



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